Friday, 2 September 2011

Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life

1. Family is forever
Her family will always be here as a complete unit for her to depend upon
2. She is beautiful just the way she is
I will tell her this regularly to affirm her belief in it. I will let her know that her natural beauty is all the attractiveness she will ever need.
3. She is enough and capable of anything
I will reassure her regularly that she has all the intelligence, confidence and capability
she needs to conquer anything she wants to do in life. She is more than enough!
4. What I believe is right and wrong
Where else are our daughters going to get moral clarity? We must teach them what we believe is ethical and right so they have a measure to live by.
5. Humility
Yes, I want my daughter to be confident and independent, but I also want her to respect others and to treat everyone with dignity. I want her to give due regard to those in authority such as teachers, public servants and her parents!
6. How to eat to remain healthy
I want my daughter to have a healthy view of food. I don’t want her to overindulge, but I also don’t want her to be obsessed with dieting. Modeling a healthy diet and lifestyle are vital.
7. Men should treat her with gentleness and respect
She will learn this by observing the way I treat her and her mother. I will teach her that she should refuse to accept anything less.
8. Modesty
It is much more attractive to create a modest and authentic look. Young women that wear clothes that are revealing are crying out for attention. I will teach my daughter that there are boundaries to what is acceptable.
9. Relationships and family matter most in life
I will teach her that most of her joy and fulfillment in life will come from the relationships she builds. It is of the utmost importance that she chooses and acts wisely.
10. Her father will always defend her
She needs to know that if someone wrongs her, that I will defend her. I will be her champion and hero. She will never need to look elsewhere to find protection.
11. How to manage her money
I will teach her that debt is dangerous and that thrift and frugality are wise. I will show her how to budget her money and ways to save. I will involve her so she can learn from an early age.
12. The value of honesty and integrity
I want my daughter to understand that you are only as good as your reputation. If you lie or cheat, word will spread and you will be discredited. It is always better to tell the truth.
13. Patience
Wait. Wait to have sex. Wait until you find the right man and get married. Wait so you can finish college. Wait so you can travel. Be patient. There is no need to rush into things.
14. Keep things simple
You will never regret keeping your life simple. Complexity is burdensome. It is tiring. The simpler the solution, the more eloquent it is. Keep your life simple!
15. Put God first
God is your compass. He will show you the way. I will live so she knows what God
16. How to pray
Lift up all your concerns and thanksgiving to God! It will help you to always remain humble and grateful. You are blessed!
17. We have more than enough
Be content. Don’t fall victim to hyper-consumerism. It will put you in a hole that you won’t like. Recognize when you have enough. Give generously.
18. Appreciate nature
A good deal of the wonder and beauty in life is found in nature. Spend time outdoors. Take care of the environment. Take time to appreciate all nature has to offer.
19. Be persistent
Perseverance is one of the key characteristics of the successful. Don’t give up too easily. Stick with things until you conquer them. Try and try again.
20. Be practical and pragmatic
Stay grounded. Look for solutions that work. Solve problems for people and they will appreciate you. Keep your head about you. Be logical.
21. She alone has authority over her body and life
Don’t let people push you around. It is okay to be nice, but you also have to know when to put your foot down. Draw the line when it is necessary.
22. Ask yourself, “So, what can I do about it?”
This goes along with being practical. Follow the wisdom in the Serenity Prayer. It will decrease the stress in your life and increase your effectiveness.
23. Your father will always, always, always love you!
I want her to know above all else that my love is unconditional. I may not always like
her behavior, but I will always love her. She needs to understand this separation.
Reference : Jeff

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